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Propellant Chemicals


Most of these chemicals are poisons. You may die, get blinded, get chemical burns, skin irratation, allergic reactions and other unpleasantries if you use/touch these things. Wear eye protection at all times. Wear breathing masks and work in ventelated areas. Keep all of this away from children and stupid and irresponsible adults. If you are stupid or irresponsible, leave this page and never return. I guarantee that if you abuse these chemicals or the created propellant, you will be badly burned or killed.

Once the propellant starts burning, you will not be able to put it out. All you can do is put out the secondary fires. If it is on you when this burns, you will lose a limb, a major part of your body, or your life. Guaranteed. Have no doubts. This stuff burns faster and hotter than you can imagine.

If you can't be safe, don't do this.

I currently buy almost all of my propellant supplies from FireFox Enterprises . They have pretty much everything you'll need except the metal tubing/stock and they don't carry graphite for nozzles (at least in the selection I want). For propellant you'll want the following:

HTPB - The binder. You will want a gallon to start with. It will last a while.

HX-878 - A bonding agent. An 8 oz. can will also last a long time since you use so little of it.

Isonate-143-L (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) - the HTPB curative. 8 oz will last for months.

DOA or 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate - a plasticizer . This turns the viscous (thick) HTPB into a thinner liquid. You'll need a quart.

Silicon Oil - A few drops of this mixed with HTPB et al cuts down on production of bubbles. I got a 1/2 gallon from a copy repair place for $10.00. It will last my life time. Others sell it for $8.00 for 2 oz. Maybe I should sell it myself.

Ammonium Perclorate - The oxidizer. 200 micron, 400 mcron and 90 micron. Buy only a few pounds to start with. You may have to pay serious hazmat and shipping fees if you buy more than a few pounds at a time.

Aluminum 325 mesh (40 micron) - Combination fuel and opacifier . Buy a pound. Expect to pay nearly $100.00 in shipping/hazmat fees if you buy more. In the future (post 2003) you may pay these fees anyway for a few ounces. We'll see.

High-temp Calcium Grease - Get a 1 pound tub. Used for lubing the O-rings and propellant liners when loading your motors.

Acetone - Used to clean propellant liners, mixing bowls, and motor casings after firing. Buy at your local hardware store.

Be sure to keep these chemicals away from heat. Don't store these in your hot garage. The Isonate will crystalize, and some of the others will decompose. Room temperature will suffice.

You can buy a chemical kit from FireFox Enterprises for about $103 plus shipping/tax/etc. Not a bad deal, but they don't include the Aluminum. Buy this separatly.

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